MacroCognition: We Help Organizations and Individuals
Become More Successful at Making Tough Decisions
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Models and Methods"
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MacroCognition helps organizations make sense of cognitively complex tasks—such as disease management and multinational collaboration—to design solutions that work.

The MacroCognitive Perspective
Understanding how people make decisions under messy conditions–complex, ambiguous, shifting conditions—when all the traditional advice goes out the window. We apply the MacroCognitive perspective to thorny problems such as working with people from other cultures and managing healthcare challenges.

Multinational Support
Helping organizations and their leadership manage in multinational and multicultural contexts. We help people discover how to coordinate with counterparts from other national groups by realizing how thinking differences can hamper or enrich multinational collaborations. We help organizations anticipate and manage the actions and decisions of team members, competitors, adversaries, and customers from different nations.

Healthcare Management
Helping organizations, professionals, and patients manage the complexity of the health care system and health maintenance regimens. For example, we develop programs that support patients with diabetes to discover how to manage their own blood glucose levels and avoid the crippling effects (e.g., blindness, amputations, kidney failure) that afflict millions.

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